Programme Evaluation Services

Evaluation helps an organisation to understand whether the programmes they are implementing are effective and achieving the desired outcomes. The evaluation process begins with a thorough needs analysis of the systems, processes and activities that are currently in place.

Evaluation helps an organisation to:

  1. Show that the programmes are having success for stakeholders and funders
  2. Achieve the intended outcomes and desired goals of the programme
  3. Engage in a continuous process of programme improvement
  4. Identify strengths and areas for improvement or change in the programme processes and activities

A structured and wide-ranging evaluation approach will give you the information and evidence to utilise for developing future programme direction and sustainability. I can help you design and implement an evaluation approach which will provide the information and evidence you need to ensure your programmes are effective and returning on investment.

Programme evaluation services provided:

  • Programme needs analysis
  • Design and implementation of customised evaluation approaches
  • Analysis and reporting of evaluation findings

There is no ‘one size fits all’ process for evaluating programmes; each programme requires an approach that is tailored to the purpose of the evaluation, the intended audience, and the types and scale of activities to be evaluated within each programme.