I work with Human Resources and Organisational Development Managers looking to transform their employees’ careers, wellbeing, and growth through mentoring and coaching programmes.  I help you save time, energy, and money with a proven model that gets rid of the stress related to designing and implementing your programme.

Experienced, enthusiastic and engaging, my mentoring and coaching programmes breathe new life into your organisation’s culture.

I have been a mentor, a coach, and a trainer for over 30 years. I completed my PhD on mentoring because I wanted to understand people – what makes them shine, what makes them operate at a deeper level. This is the learning I bring into your organisation.

If you want to know what buttons to press with your people to achieve high performance, be on the right career path, and be passionate about what they do, that’s what I can help you with.

My programmes will help you to shift disconnected teams to high performance, reduce workplace conflict, and develop a culture of care and respect. My approach is rigorous, evidence-based and it works.

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Mentoring 360°

Are you planning to implement a mentoring programme in your organisation but don’t know where to start?


Or do you have a programme but it just isn’t working as well as …


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