Conflict can arise in the workplace for a myriad of reasons, causing a breakdown in communication, anxiety, and emotional stress. It is also counterproductive to an individual’s and team’s performance.

Being equipped with strategies and tools to help you navigate conflict situations and handle difficult conversations involves preparation, evaluating your perspective of the situation, knowing what questions to ask, and entering the conversation with the intention to find a resolution.

This workshop will help people to:

  1. Understand why conflict arises and recognise how they respond to conflict situations
  2. Work through a conflict management and mapping process to identify strategies for resolving conflict
  3. Practice using a 4-step model for managing the difficult conversations through having structured conversations which achieve an outcome of reaching an agreed resolution
  4. Upskill in essential communication skills that underpin conflict management

The Training Approach:

Participants engage in a highly interactive workshop within an environment that is safe for them to ask questions, share ideas, and learn collaboratively. The training will ensure that they are equipped with a range of models, tools and strategies that enable them to develop their practice as a leader-mentor, successfully developing individual employees and high-performing teams.

All participants receive a resource pack containing:

  1. Training workbook, templates and resources
  2. A copy of the My Style Inventory™ which helps identify communication and personality characteristics