Helping your people get ready to be mentors. Helping you select the right people for the mentor role

The Mentor Readiness Programme equips your novice mentors with the tools, strategies and skills that develops sound mentoring practices and enables them to impact on significant strategic outcomes, such as:

  • Prompting the mentee to improve their job performance through asking good questions
  • Enabling the mentee to establish and achieve significant goals for their career advancement
  • Successful job transition
  • Positive onboarding experiences
  • Widening and strengthening their own and the mentee’s capabilities
  • Successful change management and reduction of stress
  • Positively influencing the mentee’s wellbeing, leading to a healthy organisation

How the Programme Works

  • Mentor Selection Criteria and Process Guidelines
  • Identify core professional skills and interpersonal qualities expected of the mentor
  • Produce set of Guidelines
  • One-day Training Workshop for Mentors
  • Range of topics including: the mentor’s role and responsibilities, building a quality relationship with the mentee, strengths-based feedback, empathic listening, skilful questioning, self-leadership and leadership of others, handling difficult conversations, self-review
  • Range of resources including: Training workbook, templates, copy of Lesley’s My Style Inventory which identifies individual communication characteristics, mentoring scenarios handbook
  • Establish Peer Mentoring Partnerships
  • The mentors engage in peer mentoring partnerships following the training workshop to continue strengthening their mentoring practice with collegial support
  • The Mentors’ Professional Learning Group (PLG)
  • Two group meetings facilitated with the mentors over a 4-month period
  • Mentors come together in an environment where they can share experiences, seek strategies to manage challenges, learn from each other, share successes

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