Are you a mid-career individual considering a career change within your organisation? Or do you want to make a complete change in your career direction?

Perhaps you have hit a plateau in your career, and you can’t seem to move past this point? Or maybe you are unhappy in your current job, but you don’t know how to change this and you feel stuck?

I help people make decisions and transitions about their career, and help them make the move. My Career Change coaching & mentoring programme will help you:

  • Confidently decide on a career path equipped with the tools to help you do this
  • Make the right career choice that supports the lifestyle you desire
  • Make a career change that brings you satisfaction and enjoyment
  • Build your confidence in marketing yourself
  • Handle job interviews with confidence



Do you manage a team? Do you find yourself having to handle conflict in your team? Does the conflict ever get fully resolved?

Managing Team Conflict in the Workplace coaches you in:

  • Identifying the causes of conflict and why your team is in conflict
  • Recognising how people respond to conflict and conflict resolution styles
  • Using conflict management strategies to work through and resolve conflict
  • Effective communication techniques
  • Managing team expectations
  • How to handle the difficult conversations



Are you new to the mentor role in your organisation’s mentoring programme? Would you value some advice and guidance on how to best carry out this role?

Mentoring for Mentors is a structured programme of support, providing you with personalised coaching and mentoring when you need some extra help with:

  • Building your confidence and skills as a mentor
  • Building your mentee’s confidence and keeping them engaged in their goal achievement
  • Knowing when and how to ask powerful questions that help your mentee move forward
  • Managing your mentee’s expectations
  • Handling the difficult conversations
  • Giving and responding to feedback



Free Initial Meeting

To get started we have an initial 30-minute meeting which is free of charge. This meeting gives us the chance to talk through what changes you want to make and decide how I can help you.

The Coaching & Mentoring Programme

We have monthly one-hour coaching sessions over a six-month period, either online (Skype/Zoom) or by phone.

We look at your goals, challenges you might be facing, and your opportunities. Then we create an action plan and implement this together so you can get the results you are looking for.

You will also receive my support between the six coaching sessions.

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