The Mentoring 3600 programme will enable you to:

  • Select the right people as your mentors
  • Identify what you want to see the mentees doing differently as a result of the mentoring support
  • Create the best possible mentor-mentee partnership matches
  • Train your mentors and mentees so they know how to get value from the mentoring meetings
  • Establish a programme coordinator and train people in this role
  • Provide support for your mentors through a mentors’ Professional Learning Group (PLG)
  • Conduct formal and informal evaluation to regularly check the impact and outcomes of the mentoring
  • Report back to senior management on the success and outcomes to gain continued sponsorship of the programme

Participants engage in highly interactive workshops within an environment that is safe for them to ask questions, share ideas, and learn collaboratively. All participants receive a Resource Pack containing:

  1. Training workbook, tools, templates, and resources to support their mentoring practice into the future

  2. A copy of Lesley’s My Style Inventory which identifies communication characteristics that influence the mentoring relationship

Over a six-month period, Lesley works in partnership with you to design and implement a pilot mentoring programme to determine how mentoring works best in your organisation.

Lesley uses a proven 12-step system to guide the pilot programme, working with staff who are committed to engaging in mentoring and willing to provide feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

The 12-step system involves:

  1. Conducting a mentoring diagnostic
  2. Determining programme sponsorship and mentoring ROI
  3. Developing criteria for mentor selection
  4. Identifying the mentees
  5. Matching mentors and mentees
  6. Mentor and mentee training workshops
  7. Commencing the mentoring partnerships
  8. Programme Coordinator training
  9. Establishing and facilitating the mentors’ Professional Learning Group (PLG)
  10. Conducting programme impact and outcome evaluation
  11. Reporting back to senior management
  12. Mentor refresher training sessions

Contact me to talk about how we can design and implement a mentoring programme for your business.