Coaching leverages leadership and the experience of senior employees to develop others. It also helps new employees navigate and succeed. Coaching is a way senior staff can help drive the success of an organisation.

Leadership is about action not position. Coaching is about action and about the coachee, not about the coach’s position. Most successful leaders can look back and recall senior people taking a personal interest in their careers at critical stages.

This workshop will help people to:

  1. Identify the 8 common traits of a leader as coach and determine own traits as a leader-coach
  2. Develop essential communication skills and attributes that create quality relationships with individual employees and teams
  3. Develop high-performing teams
  4. Increase and improve employee engagement

The Training Approach:

Participants engage in a highly interactive workshop within an environment that is safe for them to ask questions, share ideas, and learn collaboratively. The training will ensure that they are equipped with a range of models, tools and strategies that enable them to develop their practice as a leader-mentor, successfully developing individual employees and high-performing teams.

All participants receive a resource pack containing:

  1. Training workbook, templates and resources
  2. A copy of the My Style Inventory™ which helps identify communication and personality characteristics