Mentoring the Mentor-Coach

Helping you step up and into a mentor-coach role

Mentoring the Mentor-Coach is a 6-week programme of individualised support that equips you with the tools, strategies, and skills to help you develop sound mentoring and coaching practices. You will build your confidence and skills as a mentor-coach so that you positively influence your mentee’s (and your own) development and achievement of goals.

By the end of the programme you will be able to:

  • Prompt your mentee to improve their job performance through asking good questions
  • Enable your mentee to establish and achieve significant goals for their career advancement
  • Support your mentee in successful job navigation and transition
  • Help your mentee plan for and manage post-career transitions
  • Widen and strengthen your own and your mentee’s capabilities
  • Positively influence your mentee’s wellbeing

How does it work?

  • Engage in six one-hour weekly meetings over six weeks with me.
  • Complete activities and tasks between each meeting and come prepared to talk through these at each meeting.
  • Informal contact initiated by yourself or me between the weekly meetings as needed to ensure you are continually supported through the programme (may be via email, messaging, Zoom call).

Programme Focus Areas:

Over the six weeks we explore, and you develop the following best mentor-coach practices:

    • Being clear about the purposes of your practice as a mentor-coach.
    • Your core qualities and skills as a mentor-coach of others.
    • Managing the role of mentor-coach and knowing how to support your mentee in identifying their core values, developing their career or post-career roadmap, building resilience and self-leadership.
    • Developing essential communication skills: strengths-focused feedback, listening, asking good questions.
    • Knowing how to recognise and manage mentoring and coaching challenges to achieve a positive outcome for your mentoring relationships and for your mentee.
    • Handling conflict and having the challenging conversations.

If you are serious about being an exceptional mentor and giving back, receiving ongoing mentoring support for yourself is a must.

What is the cost?

You can make a one-off payment of NZ$2,750 or you can choose my payment plan of $460 per week for the 6 week period.

What can you do now?

Book a complimentary call with me to find out more about how the Mentor-Coach programme can help you.

Enrol today. Once enrolled, you will receive:

  • A copy of my Mentoring & Coaching Resource Toolkit full of templates, tools, and checklists that will add another dimension to your mentoring and coaching practice
  • A copy of my gorgeous The Mentor-Coach’s Reflection Journal, which you can use to capture your thoughts, feelings, and ideas throughout the programme and beyond
  • A Programme Workbook which includes weekly activities for you to complete.

I look forward to working alongside you as you grow your skills and confidence as a great mentor-coach.

Mentor Readiness Group Coaching Programme

Helping new mentors step up and step into the mentor role with confidence

The success of your mentoring programme and success of your organisation is achieved through deliberately selecting the right people for the mentor role and providing targeted professional development support for them.

The Mentor Readiness group coaching programme equips your new mentors with the tools, strategies, and skills to develop sound mentoring practices and enables them to impact on significant strategic outcomes. Find out more about this programme here

Mentee Prep Workshop

Putting the mentee in the driver’s seat

This half-day workshop will help your people get ready to be mentees and know how to get the most out of the mentoring support. The success of your mentoring programme hinges on the training and ongoing development of your mentors and your mentees. Find out more about this workshop here

The Manager as Mentor Programme

Developing an influencer mindset: Develop your managers to grow your business

The skills needed to provide training, support, supervision and appraisal are significantly enhanced by an awareness of, and skills in, mentoring. There are multiple benefits of developing your manager as a mentor, including:

  • Expands the transfer and reach of expertise and experience across an organisation
  • Develops a highly collaborative, networked team
  • Workplace issues are managed effectively
  • Transforms the team through the manager’s leadership acumen
  • People stay as they feel valued and supported
  • Reduces training costs
  • Reduces time-to-competency of new employees
  • Builds individual and team resilience

Find out more about this programme here

Mentoring Readiness Diagnostic

Helping your organisation get ready for mentoring. Recognising the value-add of mentoring for your staff

A lot of organisations see the value in mentoring support for their staff capability development but do not know what steps to take to design and implement a mentoring programme that will work.

The Mentoring Readiness Diagnostic assists you in establishing how ready your organisation is for mentoring and identifying the steps needed to get started so that you can implement your mentoring programme with confidence and clarity. Contact me to book in your diagnostic today.

Mentoring 3600 Programme Design & Implementation

Helping your organisation set up a mentoring programme and get it right the first time

Mentoring 3600 is a programme that assists you in identifying and confirming why you are providing mentoring support for your staff and how you can do this well, strategically and successfully. The design of your programme will show people how to effectively engage in and benefit from mentoring. Click here to find out more about this programme.