One to One

Now that you have finished the online ‘preparation’ course, keep developing your skills and practice through continued mentoring support from me.

One to One is an individualised programme of mentoring support that provides you with an opportunity to examine your self-leadership skills, challenge your thinking and continue to build your mentoring capability. We meet once a month over a six-month period where we discuss all things mentoring, in particular what is happening in your practice.

If you are serious about reaching that level of aspirational mentor (remember the mentor’s value ladder in Module One?), getting ongoing mentoring for yourself is optimal.

Contact me to find out more about my One to One programme and how you can get started – well, actually, continue. I’d love to keep working with you.

Mentor Readiness Programme

Helping mentors step up and step into the mentor role

The success of your mentoring programme and success of the organisation is achieved through deliberately selecting the right people for the mentor role and providing targeted professional development support.

The Mentor Readiness Programme equips your new mentors with the tools, strategies and skills that develops sound mentoring practices and enables them to impact on significant strategic outcomes. Find out more about this programme here

Mentee Prep Workshop

Putting the mentee in the driver’s seat

This half-day workshop will help your people get ready to be mentees and know how to get the most out of the mentoring support. The success of your mentoring programme hinges on the training and ongoing development of your mentors and your mentees. Find out more about this workshop here

The Manager as Mentor Programme

Developing an influencer mindset: Develop your managers to grow your business

The skills needed to provide training, support, supervision and appraisal are significantly enhanced by an awareness of, and skills in, mentoring. There are multiple benefits of developing your manager as a mentor, including:

  • Expands the transfer and reach of expertise and experience across an organisation
  • Develops a highly collaborative, networked team
  • Workplace issues are managed effectively
  • Transforms the team through the manager’s leadership acumen
  • People stay as they feel valued and supported
  • Reduces training costs
  • Reduces time-to-competency of new employees
  • Builds individual and team resilience

Find out more about this programme here

Mentoring Readiness Diagnostic

Helping your organisation get ready for mentoring. Recognising the value-add of mentoring for your staff

A lot of organisations see the value in mentoring support for their staff capability development but do not know what steps to take to design and implement a mentoring programme that will work.

The Mentoring Readiness Diagnostic assists you in establishing how ready your organisation is for mentoring and identifying the steps needed to get started so that you can implement your mentoring programme with confidence and clarity. Contact me to book in your diagnostic today.

Mentoring 3600 Programme Design & Implementation

Helping your organisation set up a mentoring programme and get it right the first time

Mentoring 3600 is a programme that assists you in identifying and confirming why you are providing mentoring support for your staff and how you can do this well, strategically and successfully. The design of your programme will show people how to effectively engage in and benefit from mentoring. Click here to find out more about this programme.