Mentoring Services

Petersen Consulting offers a range of mentoring services which help organisations to provide high quality and sustainable mentoring support for their staff, at all levels.

Mentoring Programme Design

  • Why provide mentoring as a professional development support mechanism?
  • How does an organisation benefit from mentoring?
  • What implications does mentoring have on people’s professional development and practice?

A mentoring programme which is aligned with strategic goals has enormous benefit for everyone in the organisation, including:

  • Staff retention
  • Ongoing development of leader capability
  • Regular transfer of knowledge, skills and experience across the organisation
  • Staff feeling valued and able to contribute to the organisation’s strategic growth
  • Increase in employee engagement and retention
  • Development of effective communication within teams, departments and across the organisation
  • A whole-of-organisation approach to staff capability enhancement

I work closely with the organisation to determine the best approach to programme development and implementation. Integral in this approach is an initial needs analysis to identify past and current mentoring activities which can inform the new programme design.

Mentoring services provided:

  • Needs analysis & programme framework design
  • Senior management mentoring training
  • Writing mentoring guidelines
  • Mentor and mentee training
  • Mentoring training for leadership teams
  • Mentoring programme evaluation (evaluation of existing programmes in an organisation)
  • Mentor Attributes Profiling
  • One-one mentoring support for Programme Coordinators
  • Online and face-to-face mentor group meetings (mentoring for mentors)
  • Milestone reporting

Mentoring Needs Analysis Survey

Whether you are considering establishing a mentoring programme in your organisation or you already have a programme in place, a useful and beneficial exercise is to complete a thorough needs analysis.

The following needs analysis includes a sample of questions which I use with organisations to guide the design, implementation and evaluation of their mentoring programme initiatives. When working with you to design your organisation’s programme, I conduct a more in-depth needs analysis.

Click here to complete a sample needs analysis survey which will get you started in thinking about your organisation’s mentoring activities and what you may need to be doing to create a successful mentoring programme or make improvements to your existing programme. If you would like feedback on your answers or want to discuss this further, please include your name and email address, then click send survey at the bottom of the form.

Mentoring Training

  • Why provide mentoring training for mentors and mentees?
  • What does effective mentoring training involve?

Mentoring training enhances the skills and qualities of people undertaking a mentor role, a mentee role or a programme coordination role. Training supports mentors and mentees to effectively engage in and benefit from the mentoring relationship. For larger scale programmes, upskilling programme coordinators to manage the many activities and relationships is vital. All of these factors ensure the success of an organisation’s mentoring programme.

Mentoring training also provides the opportunity for refresher training of existing mentors and mentees, and is an excellent mechanism for developing skills and embedding an ethos of mentoring as a core capability in organisational leaders.

Mentoring training services:

  • Mentoring skills development
  • Train the trainer (training mentors) in the mentoring process
  • Refresher training for mentors and mentees in existing mentoring programmes
  • Embedding mentoring as a leader capability in management teams
  • Training workshop on how to evaluate the impact and outcomes of mentoring on employees and the organisation as a whole
  • Introduction to the principles and practices of mentoring as an organisational capability development mechanism
  • Provide training for mentoring programme coordinators

Mentoring Products

A range of mentoring products to support and supplement your mentoring programme are available from Petersen Consulting. These products have been designed specifically for mentors, mentees and programme coordinators, to enhance mentoring activities and practices.  View Products