The success of your mentoring programme hinges on the training and ongoing development of your mentors and your mentees. This half-day Mentee Prep Workshop will help your mentees:

  • Understand the value of mentoring and how they can benefit from it
  • Understand their role as a mentee and what they bring to the mentoring relationship
  • Be clear about their professional development needs and goals
  • Establish and reach significant milestones for their career progression
  • Know how to achieve value-for-time in the mentoring meetings
  • Develop and practice communication skills that influence the quality of their mentoring relationship and workplace relationships
  • Examine their self-leadership skills and learn ways to enhance these

Prospective mentees, and/or mentees new in your mentoring programme, participate in a half-day highly interactive workshop facilitated by Lesley.

The workshop operates within an environment that is safe for people to ask questions, share ideas, and learn from each other. The workshop focuses on the following topics:

  • Understanding the purpose, process and benefits of mentoring
  • The menteeā€™s role and responsibilities
  • Expectations of the mentor, expectations of themselves as a mentee
  • Getting value-for-time in the mentoring meetings
  • Setting SHARP goals
  • Behaviours that build trust, behaviours that break it
  • The Mentee Attributes Profile (MAP)
  • Giving and responding to feedback
  • How to ask good questions
  • Tools for self-review, reflection and tracking goal achievement

Participants leave the workshop with a range of tools, strategies and resources that continue to support them as they engage in mentoring. To book your Mentee Prep workshop, contact me and we can schedule a date for it to happen