Project Decisions Templateā„¢

This is a template I use with my customers when we are designing a project proposal. The Project Decisions Templateā„¢ is used to guide the project process that is undertaken, from initial identification of the problem or challenge through to reporting the findings and producing the outputs.

Project Decision Parameters Questions
Challenge/Problem What do you want to change? Adapt? Improve?
Project Aim/s Why is this project important?

What difference will it make?

What impact and outcome do you want to achieve?

Project Design Who are the participants?

How will you gain participant consent to engage in the project?

What are the ethical considerations?

What are potential risks and how will these be managed?

Data Collection Methods What will the participants be doing in the project?

How will you gather feedback from the participants?

What other data do you need to collect?

Data Analysis How will you analyse the data to produce findings?
Measuring Benefits Who will benefit from the project findings and outcomes?

How will the participants benefit from engaging in the project?

What are the short and long-term benefits of the project?

Organisational Impact How will the organisation act on the key project findings?
Outcomes and Outputs How will the anticipated outcomes impact on and/or enhance the organisation’s strategic goals?

What outputs are expected from the project?

Dissemination Who are the key stakeholders with a vested interest in the project outcomes?

How will the project findings be communicated to key stakeholders?

Reporting How will the project findings be reported to stakeholders?