A lot of my clients are Organisation and People Capability Development Managers and HR Managers. When I first meet them, I would say 85% talk about the adhoc nature of their mentoring programme. They have all the right intentions for why they implemented a programme, such as:

  • To provide career development support and establish career pathways
  • To develop leader capabilities
  • To increase employee engagement
  • To retain their talented employees

But their programme just isn’t working as well as they had hoped and planned for. The missing ingredient? Doing a thorough needs analysis right at the beginning before implementing.

You see, the needs analysis helps you do several things that will ensure your programme is successful, impactful, and returns on the investment.

It gives you clarity of the what and why of your mentoring programme before moving onto the how: How you will implement it; How people will engage in and benefit from it; How you will measure the impact and outcomes of the mentoring (which is measured against your why).

I have a simple yet highly effective needs analysis system that has helped many OD and HR Managers get real clarity on their programme’s purpose, design, framework, and how it supports and retains their people.

And they make these decisions before they implement.

The needs analysis system is a wonderfully simple 3 steps process that can be completed within 7 days.

When I work with clients in this beginning stage of their programme design, we work through a needs analysis questionnaire that explores and identifies every aspect of their programme. I then provide a summary report which confirms their programme model and recommends the next steps we can take to implement their programme.

The relief in their voice is audible as they now have a crystal clear plan to make sure their programme works.

The likelihood of a solid investment and clear ROI is 100-fold for those organisations who put in the effort right at the beginning to make sure they have the right framework and a clear purpose for the mentoring, as both of these are pivotal factors in ensuring talent retention and employee engagement.

Get in touch with me to find out more about my simple and effective needs analysis system that I guarantee will take away the headache of how to make mentoring work in your organisation. I’d love to talk.

To your programme needs analysis success.