I’ve been meeting with a number of business leaders of small and medium-sized companies lately and they have all been talking about the impact their managers and supervisors have on team performance and cohesion. These leaders work at a strategic level of the business and rely on the next tier to develop a workplace environment that values people and enhances performance and productivity.

The skills needed to provide training, support, supervision and feedback are significantly enhanced by an awareness of, and skills in, mentoring. There are multiple benefits of developing your managers and supervisors as mentors, including:

  • Expands the transfer and reach of expertise and experience across an organisation
  • Develops a highly collaborative, networked team
  • Workplace issues are managed effectively
  • Transforms the team through the manager’s leadership acumen
  • People stay as they feel valued and supported
  • Reduces training costs
  • Reduces time-to-competency of new employees
  • Builds individual and team resilience

As a result, the perceived and real value of customer service and care is very high. Customers are satisfied and act as true advocates of and referrers for your company.

Developing your Managers and Supervisors as Mentors is one of my training programmes in my Mentoring 3600 programme suite. I’d love to help you develop your people because I know mentoring is a key influence on team and individual development, that is, the people whom your managers and supervisors are responsible for.