Your mentoring programme is as good as the framework you develop right from the beginning. A robust programme framework helps participants (your mentors and mentees) know how to engage in mentoring, what to expect from mentoring, and how to achieve real value-for-time in the mentoring meetings.

My Mentoring Framework Creation Diagnostic assists you in bringing structure to your programme and is based on the following core principles:

  • Mentoring does not exist within a vacuum; it exists within a social context
  • Mentors and mentees benefit hugely from training at the beginning of their involvement in the programme
  • Mentees need to be trained as well as mentors
  • Mentors need support too – who will mentor your mentors?
  • Structure in a mentoring programme helps people fully engage as they know the purpose, process and what to do to achieve value for time and energy
  • Monitoring and evaluating the impact and outcome of your mentoring programme enables you to determine the value of mentoring for individual and organisational growth

What’s Involved?

The diagnostic process involves interviewing key stakeholders in the organisation who have a vested interest in the programme using the Diagnostic Questionnaire to identify the components that will add value to your existing mentoring programme.

A summary report is submitted with a proposed programme framework tailored to your specific context and ‘next steps’ recommendations for embedding the framework in your existing programme.

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Do the Diagnostic