Including mentoring training for your mentors and mentees is, in my opinion and experience, an essential component of your mentoring programme. I have talked about the hows and whys of mentoring training in a previous newsletter – Edition #2 – stressing the point that mentoring training provides mentors and mentees with valuable information, insight, strategies and resources that arms them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to engage in effective mentoring relationships.

I wanted to share with you some feedback I received from people who participated in a series of Mentoring Masterclass workshops and a Thought Leader seminar I facilitated for the Queensland Public Service Commission in March this year.

And yes, it is great to share what people think of my mentoring work; it is also useful to illustrate how mentoring training contributes to an organisation’s mentoring programme success and development, which these comments provide…….

Value of the Workshop/Thought Leader Seminar

Provided me with a framework to establish a mentoring program with practical discussions and input around the factors to consider and address. The inclusion of templates covering all parts of the framework was of high value. This is one of the best seminars I’ve attended. Thank you.

The framework for transitioning from ad hoc mentoring to formalised mentoring. It was an excellent succinct overview of setting up a mentoring program.

Professional structured mentoring to those who want to participate is highly valuable to any organisation and would love it to be implemented in my department.

The workshop confirmed what I do well as a mentor, where the gaps are and what I can improve. It gave me practical strategies to implement.

Practical nature of the course. Good details and information provided that is easily and immediately applicable to my organisation. Good to have clear models and resources to use.

General Feedback

Mentoring is an essential tool for management and should be encouraged for the executive offices across the public service.

I made an effort to attend this training as I believe the importance of learning mentoring skills, even though work is so busy. I’m so glad I did as I’ve learnt many helpful and practical strategies from the course materials and the participants. Thank you so much.

The seminar was well organised, interesting and engaging. It’s important for us as HR professionals to engage in learning and development activities.


And yes, it is really pleasing when I receive a comment like this one. It affirms that mentoring is the business I should be in:

Very well-structured workshop and facilitation with excellent content knowledge. As an L&D person, I very rarely provide feedback; this is so “strongly agree” as my expectations are very high, therefore my high level of positive feedback is very well deserved. Seriously, one of the best workshops I have done in a long time.