8 Traits of the Leader-Mentor

These 8 traits have been sourced from a range of authors, locally and internationally. The traits speak volumes of the attributes core to a good leader and mirror the qualities and capabilities needed in an effective mentor. Use these traits – as identified by the experts – as a measure of your qualities, capabilities and skills as a leader and as a mentor.

  1. Motivates and inspires people
  2. Builds positive, respectful relationships
  3. Approachable
  4. Ability to listen
  5. Integrity
  6. Objectivity and fairness
  7. Ability and willingness to communicate what you know
  8. Genuine interest in and desire to support others in their development

And here are some further traits suggested by Forbes.com:

  • They are clear about the challenges ahead, but they inspire faith, hope and collaboration, not fear.
  • They never use recrimination or demeaning, belittling language
  • Their self-esteem is strong enough to take constructive criticism and critique, and in fact, they welcome it.
  • They surround themselves with diversity, truth and openness
  • They operate at all times with integrity, truthfulness and transparency, even when that is difficult to do.
  • A leader instils confidence and ‘followership’ by having a clear vision, showing empathy and being a strong mentor and coach