Securing Sponsorship for your Mentoring & Coaching Programme

Whether you are implementing a new programme or re-invigorating your existing programme, you need sponsorship from the senior management level. Without this support and advocacy of mentoring and coaching, you run the risk of your programme struggling to gain traction, get buy-in from staff, and be sustainable into the future.

Sponsorship should be secured at the beginning of the planning and design phase, so that the programme initiative moves forward and is adequately resourced.

What does programme sponsorship provide?

  • Helps fund the programme
  • Encourages participation
  • Publicly advocates and acknowledges the importance of mentoring and coaching
  • Commits resources to train, mentor and coach programme participants
  • Positions mentoring and coaching as a central organisational development strategy

Benefits of programme sponsorship

  • Management support increases staff participation and programme success
  • Commitment from senior leaders ensures buy-in at all levels of the organisation
  • Accelerates a culture of high performance in teams and management positions

You need to make sure that senior executives within your organisation are on board and are part of the communications that go out; that they are endorsing the programme; and potentially they are participating in the programme as well. This level of sponsorship for your programme communicates to all staff that mentoring and coaching are important to the organisation.