I recently became involved with SheEO, a leading global innovation in the female entrepreneur marketplace. The SheEO model finances, supports and celebrates female entrepreneurs and brings together 500 women called Activators who contribute $1100 each, the money being pooled together and loaned out at low interest to 5 women-led ventures. All ventures are revenue generating with export potential and creating a better world through their business model or their product and service.

I have joined SheEO as an activator, my interest in enhancing opportunities for women to advance their careers, entrepreneurship, and realise their business dreams and goals. Given my [obvious] interest in mentoring, I was also attracted to SheEO because of its core principles of supporting, coaching and mentoring women in business. The activators become the de-facto ‘team’ of the 5 selected ventures, bringing their buying power as early customers, their expertise and advice, and their vast networks to help grow the businesses. Its guided development program of monthly coaching and mentoring helps women to accelerate their success. What an opportunity for them – and me!

*SheEO is established in New Zealand, The USA and Canada. She EO is always on the lookout for more activators. Check out their website