The Leader’s Checklist: Check your leader-mentor attributes and skills

What are those core principles that drive your leadership approach and underpin who you are as a leader? How do these translate into your role as a mentor as well? Read through the following statements and consider whether you ascribe to these attributes (qualities, behaviours, capabilities), whether there are some you can develop, and/or whether there are others you would add to this list that reflect who you are as a leader and a mentor……

  • You demonstrate concern for people’s growth through coaching, mentoring and providing professional development opportunities
  • You see your role as helping people to gain the skills, abilities and knowledge they need to increase their potential and improve their performance
  • You actively seek feedback from others
  • You spend time reflecting on how you interact and communicate with others and how this influences your relationships with them
  • You guide your staff by helping to match their skills, knowledge and values with job and/or project opportunities
  • You conduct frequent discussions with your staff on their developmental needs
  • You provide timely and specific feedback against established expectations
  • You are conscious of the behaviours and attitudes you model
  • You work with your staff to create professional development plans and assist them to follow through to achieve them