A Mentor’s Self Reflection

Self-reflection is a useful, strategic activity for the mentor to engage in, as it prompts deeper level thinking about their role as a support person, their skills and knowledge, and how as a mentor they influence and impact on the mentee’s development. Here are a few questions to help you reflect on your role as a mentor, in relation to the purpose of your support of the mentee, how you can influence the effectiveness of the mentoring partnership, and how you and your mentee can achieve ‘value-for-time’ in the mentoring meetings.

  1. What is the purpose of the mentoring support you are providing your mentee?
  2. What changes does the mentee want to make?
  3. What goals has the mentee set themselves?
  4. Where is the alignment between the mentee’s goals and the strategic direction of the organisation?
  5. Where is the alignment between the mentee’s goals and your ability to support them in achieving these?
  6. Where does the mentee see themselves by the end of the mentoring partnership?
  7. What do you want to achieve by engaging in a mentoring partnership?
  8. How will the mentee be accountable for following through on their goals?
  9. What will be the focus of your mentoring meetings?
  10. What structures have you put in place to ensure you and the mentee get the most out of the mentoring meetings?
  11. What are the most important things you can do in your role as a mentor?

You have a choice as to whether you mentor someone or not. So if you choose to be a mentor, ask yourself why. And to make an informed choice, make sure you understand the purpose behind the mentoring role you are taking on.