Periodic Mentoring Partnership Review

Over the duration of your mentoring programme (6 months, 1 year), the mentor-mentee relationship may alter, and the support needs of the mentee could change. Therefore, it is valuable for the mentor and the mentee to review their partnership at regular points, and make any adjustments as necessary to the way they work together and the type of support provided. Following are some questions that could be useful in this partnership review process:

1. How is the mentoring partnership working?
2. What is working well?
3. What, if anything, is working not as well as you had hoped?
4. What are you both gaining from your experience of the process?
5. What does your mentee appreciate about the support you are providing?
6. What additional support might the mentee welcome?
7. What external constraints or difficulties are affecting the partnership? How might these be resolved?
8. What changes might be helpful to make in the partnership or the programme?


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