What the Mentees are Saying

Getting feedback from the mentee is as important as asking the mentor to reflect on the mentoring relationship. Afterall, if the focus of mentoring is to support the mentee, the best person to tell you how this support is impacting on them is the mentee!

Conducting regular evaluation (formal and informal) at points during the mentoring programme is a core process to ensure its success and sustainability. Here are some examples of mentee feedback I have received through workshop and programme evaluations over the years…….read more

How does mentoring support you?

  • I have achieved several goals that we set up together at the beginning
  • I became more confident, as my mentor gave me precious advice and possible solutions to some issues I was facing
  • The simple fact that someone outside of my department is offering time and advice is invaluable
  • I know the mentoring is supporting me because of the way the discussions are going. I have received a lot of good advice and had other helpful conversations that gave me a broader perspective on my career direction
  • I think the mentoring programme is a really good platform to support me being well both mentally and physically
  • It’s very positive programme to help staff improve themselves as well as the organisation’s ‘community’

What is working well in the mentoring partnership?

  • The mentor has a friendly and an all-encompassing approach
  • I can talk with my mentor concerning my work pressures as they understand my work situation
  • The communication between myself and my mentor
  • My mentor has provided me with useful advice and inspired new insights. We have established a good, trusting relationship where I can share issues and concerns
  • The partnership has provided an ‘official’ channel for discussing my promotion and career aspirations
  • I can talk with someone not in my team about any challenges and problems I m facing and how to work through these
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